LearnNugget #386

Tony Karrer recently posted on his blog about browser keyboard shortcuts while conducting a workshop. Some of these I knew as the File menu in the browser's toolbar displays them. My new favorites are Ctrl+Tab (tab between open browser tabs) and Ctrl+Shift+T (open last tab you just closed). … [Read more...]

5 Things I learned in 2008

The Learning Circuits Blog for December is titled, "What did you Learn about Learning in 2008? There's about 10 days left and I'm still learning! I learn something new everyday, however looking back at 2008, I broke my year down into 5 BIG things I learned this year: 1. Implementing an LMS 2. … [Read more...]

LearnNugget #1

As you can read, I'm not a very committed blogger being its been a couple months since I last posted, although I really want to. What's a "Learn Nugget?"  I don't know...just thought of it really.  Actually, the more I think about what a "Nugget of Learning" is the more global the concept becomes … [Read more...]