Creating Smashing Graphics in PPT – at TK12

I pondered over the holiday break on what my first post of 2012 would be. I tossed around the notion of doing the ever so popular, ‘What I learned in 2011′ or the “My 2012 resolutions” post.

Instead, I recently downloaded the Flight Control HD game for my iPad and was immediately attracted to the graphics. It inspired me to recreate the graphic style in PowerPoint for use in presentations or elearning.  Further, I decided to use this style for my upcoming Creation Station sessions at ASTD’s Techknowledge 2012 in Las Vegas later this month.

This slide was made completely using tools in PowerPoint 2007

I’ll be conducting two Creation Station sessions on how to create some really cool graphics in PowerPoint. Whether you’re putting together a presentation or developing an elearning course, you’ll learn some of my favorite tips & tricks and hopefully be inspired on your next PPT project.

Notebook and Pencil created in PowerPoint 2007


If you’re planning on going to TK12, be sure to find me in either session. We’re going to make the above notebook graphic from scratch! Plus a few more, like maybe this background…

Master slide background graphic created in PowerPoint 2007


We only have a bit over an hour for each session. Not enough time to really dive in deep, but we’ll touch on some of the power of effects in PowerPoint like gradients, textures, shadowing, and formatting existing shapes similar to these…

Gradients, Textures, Shadowing, and Formatting existing shapes.


If you’re not planning on going, no worries. After I return I’ll be giving some of the graphics away here so be sure to come back first week of February!

Happy New Year and hope to see you in Vegas!

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  1. says

    In your day to day work do you do all your design in PPT? Or do you get started in illustrator or some other graphics program to make some of your shapes? 

    • says

      Hi Kelly!

      Most of my graphics are done in PPT. Primarily because if I need to make edits, I can do those directly in PPT without swapping back and forth to another graphics editing program.

      Sometimes I’ll jump over to Illustrator or Fireworks to get an effect that PPT can’t do. I use Photoshop often for cropping and fiddling with photos, too. I know PPT has a neat cropping tool, but the original photo is still there and contributes to the overall project size. 

      The images in this post were all created in PPT and my goal in the short 75 minute sessions at TK12 is to demonstrate some neat tips & tricks.

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